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The Genus Homo: Origin, Speciation and Dispersal ° (years ago), This contribution aims to give an answer by reviewing the current alternative paleoanthropological ideas on the origin and diversification of the genus Homo.

Studying Pleistocene Neanderthal and cave hyena Dietary Habits: Combining Isotopic and Archaeozoological Analyses ° (years ago), The application of isotope analysis to Neanderthal and cave hyena bone assemblages has led to hypotheses ^° Here, the results of all northwest European stable isotope studies on Neanderthals are reviewed.

Early–Middle Pleistocene environmental changes and human evolution in the Italian peninsula ° (years ago), 1), we face a peculiar context in terms of geography and ecology, thus of utmost interest to test hypotheses about the transition/s that took place in Europe ^° first diffusion (late Early Pleistocene) and, later,

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