How we revealed a new family tree for dinosaurs (Apr 2017), Previous ideas predicted that sauropods should have feathers, as they were regarded as closely related to the feathered theropods, but feathers have not been found in any sauropod species to date.

Laser scan reveals spectacular hidden details of dinosaur fossil (Apr 2017), Now researchers have used a new method to reveal details of the body, skin, feathers and scales of a dinosaur called Anchiornis, which are not visible to the naked eye.

New pictures of huge new Dinosaurs in the Wild show coming to Birmingham (Apr 2017), “I look at Walking With Dinosaurs now and I'm very proud of it but it looks very old-fashioned. Back then people were happy to watch cranky graphics and a man moving the dinosaurs along in the live show.

HKU palaeontologist reconstructs feathered dinosaurs in the flesh … (Apr 2017), Until now it has been hard to get an accurate idea of the shape of a dinosaur from its fossilised remains, as only their bones are usually preserved.

When Dinosaurs Went Bad – Discover Magazine (Apr 2017), Discover Magazine It was a Yale University team in the mid-'60s, however, that ushered in a new era for the terrible lizards.

Performing works composed before the recording era in an ‘authentic’ style misses the point artistically on 27th of Apr 2017, Through modern technology and new discoveries we undoubtedly know more now about how dinosaurs looked than we did a hundred years ago (for example, not 'tail draggers').

New species of herbivorous dinosaurs discovered: Crazy facts on … (Apr 2017), Did you know that the brain size of a huge dinosaur was smaller than a newborn human baby? Check out to know more interesting facts about them.