Got a question about dinosaurs? Expert Ben Garrod is the man with the answers (Feb 2017), The revelation about feathered dinosaurs is relatively new. Ben paints a picture of dinosaurs not as green and scaly but as feathery and brightly coloured.

Dinosaurs Arrive in West Hartford through Interactive Exhibit – http://www.we on 19th of Feb 2017, (press release) (registration) (blog) Orselli said that based on the geologic conditions in this area, very few fossilized dinosaur bones have been found in the region. “Lots of tracks but not lots of skeletons,” he said.

Giant winged Transylvanian predators could have eaten dinosaurs (Feb 2017), While pterosaurs were not dinosaurs, this distinct group of reptiles evolved and lived alongside them.

Did Complex Flight Feathers “Emerge”? (Feb 2017), Adaptation of feathered dinosaurs and Mesozoic birds to new ecological niches was potentiated by rapid diversification of feather vane shapes. The molecular mechanism driving this spectacular process remains unclear.

How birds of a feather evolved together – BBC News (Feb 2017), Citizen scientists have deduced how birds acquired a vast array of beaks over millions of years of evolution.

TV presenter and scientific expert Ben Garrod brings new show So … (since Jan, 2017), Ben Garrod is an evolutionary biologist and primatologist, who you may know as a co-presenter on the BBC One show Attenborough and the Giant .

New exhibits coming to Science North (Feb 2017), See a cast of Lucy, one of the earliest hominid ever discovered, and experience the story of life on Earth. But that's not all, see real Canadian dinosaur fossils from the Royal Ontario Museum and learn about the evolution of feathered dinosaurs.