The Structure of Corruption: A Systemic Analysis Using Eurasian Cases (since Jul, 2016), Carnegie Endowment for International Peace In the single year 2015, like an unremarked rerun of the Arab Spring, mass protests broke out in Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Iraq, Lebanon, Malaysia, Moldova, and South Africa, among other countries,

Minor blast in Beirut bank will have major repercussions – Al (since Jun, 2016), The Central Bank of Lebanon and the Association of Lebanese Banks took the position that Lebanon is obliged to apply HIFPA and cannot afford the risk of manipulation to skirt the law, under penalty of Lebanese banks facing US sanctions,

Courant Primary Endorsement: Hillary Clinton Most Qualified And Effective (since Apr, 2016), Families continue to struggle with doctors' bills, even with Obamacare bending the cost curve, and students wonder how they'll pay for college.

Negotiating the Whirlwind – The New Yorker (months ago), The New Yorker “We were sitting in the bow,” Barnicle recalled, “and we were talking about a bunch of different things—about Iran, about what the President of Iran was like—and I said, 'Other than not being President, this is pretty good.

Is State Department skirting US law on sanctions? – Al (months ago), The State Department (State) is three years late in slapping certain sanctions on Iran, prompting new allegations that the Barack Obama administration is deliberately skirting US law in its quest for a nuclear deal.

America’s Golden Opportunity in Myanmar (since Feb, 2016), A Facebook post which observed that the color scheme of the Myanmar military's new uniforms matched those of Suu Kyi's traditional longyi skirt. . . I don think Myanmar would be different from iraq.

Trump vs. Jeb – (months ago), On Syria and on Iraq, he challenges the GOP/neoconservative orthodoxy in a way that Sen. Rand Paul hasn't been able to do: indeed, one could argue that Trump has stolen Rand's thunder – such as it is – in sounding the anti-interventionist note.