Ode to Investors: Super Size Me! – Minyanville.com on 27th of Apr 2017, At the opposite end of the over-indulge-me spectrum sits one Harvey Rosenblum, a central banker and my former mentor who sought to push his own discipline to the limits throughout his 40 years on the inside,

Trump faces his first budgetary cliff (Apr 2017), The looming disaster was first identified by then-Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke in February 2012 when he warned that “there's going to be a massive fiscal cliff of large spending cuts and tax increases” at the end of that year.

Monetary Policy Expectations And Surprises, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer, At The Columbia … (Apr 2017), In particular, the 10-year yield rose about 10 basis points after then Chairman Bernanke discussed tapering in public for the first time during the question-and-answer session of his Joint Economic Committee testimony on May 22,

Dr. Doom’s Diagnosis of the Banks, the Fed, and the Economy (Apr 2017), Some readers may not recognize the name of the man or the firm, since they were toddlers (or perhaps not yet born) in Salomon's heyday of the 1970s and '80s. During that time, Kaufman earned the sobriquet of Dr.

Outlook for the global economy: slower for longer (since Mar, 2017), Economist Alvin Hansen coined the phrase secular stagnation in 1938 to explain his theory that a long-term slowing of economic growth – due to lower population growth and modest technological advances – could stifle investment and prolong the recovery .

Shorten’s push for banks royal commission makes sense (since Mar, 2017), However, given the economic dependence on the banking sector in this country, the ongoing scandals that continue to dog it and the risks the vertically integrated nature of our big banks may pose, we should give the Opposition Leader'

Fischer Doesn’t See Tantrum Redux as Fed Debates Balance Sheet (Apr 2017), Be that as it may, it is not as if successive governments have not looked at the issue of long-term financing. Every few years finance ministers have articulated the need for long-term finance and pushed the creation of new programmes and new entities.